Crafty Girl Adventure Club Benefits

You are invited to join me on a special adventure, the Crafty Girl Adventure Club! Join me for fun projects, craft party ideas, and creative inspiration for your own crafty adventures!

What the heck is the Crafty Girl Adventure Club? It’s an online crafting club where you can enjoy project ideas, patterns, and connect with other crafty friends. Some of my favorite times have been making a great project or crafting with friends. Inspired by this, I’ve put together my favorite projects and ideas to encourage you to embark on your own crafty adventures and to meet other crafty friends along the way!

Club members enjoy these fun benefits!  

All Crafters Are Welcome. Crafters of all skill levels are invited! There’s a wide range of projects and crafts featured. There’s something for new crafters as well as experienced makers. I hope you find something fun and inspiring to make! 

Exclusive New Patterns and Projects. I love a good project so I’m filling the club with as many new projects and patterns as I can. Members enjoy unlimited access to all craft patterns and projects.  

Make Crafty Friends. Crafty friends are the best! Friends can connect in the members only Facebook community and share their crafting experiences. 

Crafty Party Plans. Hosting a craft party takes work! I’ve shared my best tips and tricks to make craft parties easier and more fun to host. 

Save Time and Money. I’ve done the homework, testing the projects and parties for you. I offer tips and tricks on how to save you time and money crafting and hosting parties.  

Crafty Fun. Crafting is so much fun! And it’s even better when you enjoy it with crafty friends! It’s my goal to create a site with inspiring projects and a way to connect with other crafty friends. 

Join the Adventure!

Let’s do this crafty adventure together! I hope you will join me. It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to see what everyone makes. See you in the club!

Questions about the Crafty Girl Adventure Club? Please share your questions here. I’ll be happy to visit more!